Vanguard strives to inculcate sound knowledge to the right people at the right time, anywhere in the world be it via Training, e-training or Documentation.


Its e Training and Documentation offering lends the flexibility and intensity enabled by advanced technology.  It gives the flexibility to learn at ones own pace and according to ones own schedule thus saving valuable time and money. Besides, working through hypothetical case study scenarios help completing the tasks at ones own pace.


No implementation cycle is complete without training and documentation.  Every e Training course is as challenging and comprehensive as its classroom counterpart.  We believe we have the expertise for this too. Our clients have driven the training offered until now and our training manuals are based on real world experiences extracted from our client’s projects experiences.  

We offer complete solutions for tailored products and services for end-users i.e. customers and partners.


Our SAP training services are differentiated from those of other providers by our ability to develop customized courses, which reflect the requirements and the specific SAP environment of our customers. Vanguard has a fully equipped training center within its premises and also conducts workshops at client sites upon request.

For a successful implementation, training and documentation, it is very important to have business knowledge related to industries. Our skilled professionals are equipped with sound knowledge in the following areas:

 - Oil & Gas
 - Discrete manufacturing
 - Textiles
 - Chemicals
 - Hi-tech companies
 - Engineering

Team in Training

To meet with this requirement, Vanguard has a team of dedicated professionals who are skilled at imparting training, thus fulfilling an essential need of the client. Vanguard has implemented SAP at several sites.  At most of these sites, Vanguard has conducted Training at various stages of operation, as well as for different segments (managers, officers, factory personnel etc.) of the organization.

We confidently impart training:

 -   During upgrades, version changes, custom developments
 -   During customization changes
 -   Based on client request  

The methods Vanguard adopts to deploy training include:

 -   Creation of CBTs
 -   Preparation of training manuals
 -   Preparation of Screencams  


Vanguard has successfully provided training to several SAP user companies some of which are listed below:

 -   Erhardt + Leimer (India) Ltd.)
 -   Kochi Refinery
 -   Arvind Mills
 -   ONGC 
 -   Alpanil industries 
 -   Tata Telecom 
 -   BPCL  
 -   GIPCL  

Effective e Training is conducted with the help of 2 very resourceful tools: 

1) Info Pak

Vanguard creates accurate Project Documentation with Info Pak. This tool easily captures each procedure in the task and converts the result to a professional customized task-based document.  

Info Pak supports:

 -   Knowledge transfer
 -   end-user training programs
 -   communication between the project team and end-users
 -   Reduced documentation development time and cost by 50%

2) Knowledge Warehouse (KW)

KW helps to display documentation created via Info Pak.  Info Pak is closely related with KW such that all output from Info Pak can be checked into KW, maintained over time, and delivered to end-users through context-sensitive help.

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