Systematic Database upkeep is important for good system performance and is of primary concern for the system managers. Vanguard provides a cost-effective way to trim it with data archiving as a periodic process, planned and scheduled on a regular basis.

Most often people in charge of SAP R/3 systems face a dilemma in having to choose between keeping maximum information for immediate access and the need for controlling the growth of their databases, so that the system management performance is satisfactory.

Large Volumes Of Data

Today, a number of companies all over the world run their business on SAP R/3.  From the time the systems start working, data is constantly added to the database, but little or no action is taken to remove data that is obsolete.  As a result of data retention, databases overflow. 

 Impact of large volumes of data on the system 

 - Systems slow response time. 
 - Increased need for an investment on storage devices. 
 - Database reorganization time and recovery time after a system crash become                  unsatisfactory to intolerable. 
 - The large amount of physical disks increases the risk of a disk failure.
 - Database size affects performance; hardware upgrades or substitutions are often required. 
 - Backup time increases tremendously and unsatisfactorily too.  

Cost Benefit Analysis

By availing Vanguards expertise, combined with the skills of on-site and offshore development teams, the client’s costs are reduced by half.

Why Vanguard?
-  Vanguard with its remote archiving and recovery methodology provides fast, reliable and suitable data protection.  

-  The trained and experienced consultants have implemented archiving solutions at two large sites involving R/3, CRM and B/W.

-  Vanguard Technologies is a major resource partner of SAP India with over 10 installations. SAP recognizes Vanguard as an innovative and leading company adding valuable services that complement and enhance SAP implementations.  

-  Vanguard ensures the implementation of a high performance archiving system that reduces the data kept in the R/3 system, thus controlling the growth of the database in the long term.

Vanguard’s Implementation Of The Archiving Plan
 - Analysis of the growth of business objects by functional-business experts 
 - Analysis of SAP and non-SAP objects/tables/data to be archived
 - Technical analysis of database growth 
 - Data retention plan  
 - Identification of the archiving objects  
 - Identifying sequence and dependencies for archiving 
 - Flag tables likely to be impacted by archiving 
 - Indicate objects that can be cleaned without archiving 

Archiving Data derives the following benefits:

- Improvement in R/3 system performance in particular better R/3 dialog process 
  response times
- Faster backups, database reorganizations, system upgrades 
- Automatic compression of online data 
- Easy administration of archiving levels 
- Data that is no longer needed, but not removable for company or legal requirements may   be stored outside the database and accessed on-line 
- Reduction in number of disks and disk space with increased free of failure periods 
- Reduced hardware and administration cost  


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