Basis Administration is considered to be the backbone of SAP R/3 system management. This is a crucial job with multiple aspects of maintaining high level of system performance for smooth functioning of an organization.  Vanguard   offers proven expertise in this area of operation for the client to outsource.

Outsourcing Database Administration to offsite/offshore center

Database administration is a cost center that requires full time and careful attention of day-to-day operational issues.  This is where Remote Database Administration and support helps in offloading the responsibilities most strategically through trendy and cost effective IT initiatives. This resolves the mission-critical data and system management issues.
Vanguard has developed remote BASIS administration facilities for SAP R/3, offering cost effective services for:
BASIS administration
 - Using modern technology 
 - Through emphasis on commitment to quality
 - Through solutions to meet varied customer requirements

Why Vanguard?

The company’s highly skilled BASIS Administration Consultancy pool takes care of the following:

Installation & Upgrades 

 - Configuring SAP Installations 
 - Installing R/3, R/3 Enterprise, B/W, CRM, APO 
 - Configuring of TMS, OSS Connectivity 
 - Applying support packages, notes, Kernel upgrade 
 - Technical Version Upgrades

Policy & Procedure

 - Determining Security Policy at O/S and Database Level. 
 - Defining Back up/Restore Strategy 
 - Disaster Recovery Plans

Performance Tuning

 - Analyzing Application Performance and Tuning 
 - Performance Measurement and Reporting 
 - Event Detection and Notification


 - User Creation and Authorization Profile Management
 - Routine Database backup activities 
 - Analyzing of CCMS Monitor templates
 - Checking of SAP System logs
 - Analyzing DUMPS and providing solutions
 - Monitoring Database and Transaction log growth
 - Maintaining OS Administration 
 - Outlining system Startup / Shutdown procedures 
 - Tackling Database Management issues 
 - Production Job Scheduling 
 - OS/Database Log analysis and proactive corrective actions 
 - Checking work process status 
 - Checking Update errors
 - Print Management 
 - Request Management - Technical Support  

Remote Basis Administration Consultancy – A Reality

Vanguard offers Remote BASIS development and Consultancy, with a quick turnaround for support, thus reducing the overall cost of implementation.
Vanguard is staffed with highly skilled, trained and experienced SAP BASIS Admin consultants. Its experience has been rich in providing quality and cost effective BASIS Administration to SAP Consultancy organizations and clients.

Vanguard works with clients to use the following techniques through its offsite/offshore support center:
 - BASIS Development
 - BASIS Consultancy Support
 - Integration Testing Support
 - Maintenance Support


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